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Filter & Special Valve

Create Customer value through innovative system Engineering

  • MnSi过滤器可用于造船及工业领域fuel oil, lubricating oil, cutting oil 及Coolant等各种领域。产品融入了MnSi的技术积累。长寿命模具housing和客户定制化过滤器结构已获得DNV-GL, LR, ABS, KR的审批。


  • 扩大的过滤器element可延长产品的寿命及维护周期。
  • Element更换便捷


  • 各种客户定制型安全可靠的性能


  • 发电和造船领域的Diesel engine fuel oil/Diesel engine, turbine and compressor lubricating oil/Miller, driller and lathe cutting oil/Chemical process/Sea water, raw water等


Design Code ASME Ⅷ Disivion 1, U-STAMP, PED, API614
Material ASTM or Equirevalriant
Connections DIN / ANSI / JIS / KS / over all STD
Flow Rate up to 1,000 or Customizing
Design Temperature up to 200°C or Customizing
Design Pressure up to 200 barg or Customizing

Material SUS304 / 316L / PAPER
Heat Transfer Area Over all Fineness
Power Capacity Customizing
Heating Element Customizing
Application Customizing

Other Application
Change Over System Manual / Electric / Hydraulic Actuator
Differantial Pressure Indicator/Switch/Transmitter
Nozzle Size 1/2"~24"

Fluid Applicaion
Liquip Water/Lub. Oil/Fuel Oil/Chemical
Gas & Etc. Customizing Customizing

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