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CEO Message

Create Customer value through innovative system Engineering

Dear customers,
We appreciate your trust and support to Mnsi.

MnSi was established with product of simple industrial machineries in 2002, and now grown up as total system Engineering and modularization of products such as Booster Unit, Purifier Unit, Diesel Power Plant, and Packaged Power Station in various industrial application of Power, Marine and offshore,and Engine etc.

To be a sincere supporter to Green New energy of Hydrogen and gas application, MNSI started to supply Compressor module in Hydrogen Energy Ecosystem.

We understand that MnSi’s mission and role is to pursue Energy Efficiency and Optimization, to provide customer with optimal designed product reflecting customer’s diverse demand, and to contribute to your quality performance and cost savings.

We assure that MnSi will keep your high appreciation and credit continuously through ceaseless R&D, Structural design improvement, and zero defect quality with accumulative technology and profound experience.

It is our commitment that we will make you the most satisfactory via quick and honest working attitude, lifetime caring mind, and customer admiration A/S.

We cordially ask your continuous trust and support.

Thank you

CEO Gyeseung Lee signs

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