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Booster unit

Create Customer value through innovative system Engineering

  • Overview
  • MnSi Fuel Supply Booster Unit and Purifier Unit can enhance the efficiency and performance of main engine by keeping fuel temperature, pressure and viscosity in best conditions, which contribute to the excellent productivity for ship and plant operation.

Main Components and Options

Item Components Options
CV - 01 3-Way HFO/MDO Change - over Valve Local ( Manual )
Remote ( Air / Electic )
Automatic ( Temp & Time )
P - 01 / 02 Supply Pumps  
FQ - 1 Flow Meter Volume
T - 01 Mixing Vessel  
P - 03 / 04 Circulating Booster Pumps  
H - 01 / 02 Heaters Steam
Thermal Oil
V - 01 Viscosity Control System Local Controller
Remote ( ECR )
F - 01 Automatic Filter 10 / 25 / 34 / 50μm
By-Pass Manual Fiter
Indicator Filter
P - 05 MDO Pump Electric Motor
Air Motor
SP-01/02 Purifier Selfjector


Availability of engine room space by compact size
Simple and easy installation by compact structure and all nozzle connections in bottom plate
Easy operation and maintenance by optimal layout.


High reliability and safety by quality key components and 3D design
Complete functional test and commissioning at shop as well as Onboard.


Diesel engine fuel oil operation for Power and Marine application.


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