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Compressor Unit

Create Customer value through innovative system Engineering

  • MNSI Compressor Packaging System can enhance the efficiency and Performance of Hydrogen & Gas Production, Transportation and Filling Process by keeping compressed Hydrogen & Gas safe and optimum condition under the required high pressure. Certified compressor provider, NEA and Certified packaging system builder, MNSI made business partnership, which can provide the required solution technology into the booming Hydrogen and Gas industry in Korea.


  • More than 100 years of experience for cylinder and diaphragm compressors, well proven technology
  • Maintenance friendly design by optimal layout
  • Well established business partnership with German NEA


  • Max 4,000 bar discharge pressure
  • Biggest diaphragm heads of 1 meter diameter
  • Complete functional test at shop before delivery


  • Hydrogen and gas system in diverse industries

Business partnership for
Compressor Packaging between MNSI and NEA

Module & System Integration

  • Marine, Offshore, Power

    Leading position in diesel system engineering & module manufacturing

  • +
  • Gas Application

    Compressor module fabrication through partnership with NEA in Germany

Neuman & Esser Group(NEA)

  • HQ in Germany, Global leader of compressor technology with 190 years’ history
  • Maximum 4,000 bar outlet pressure
  • Biggest diaphragm head(1 meter in diameter)
  • Compressor technology more than 100 years
  • Reference of industrial and H2 market in Korea
    (More than 40 sets supply to filling station)

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