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Electric Heater

Create Customer value through innovative system Engineering

  • Electric Plate Heater
  • MnSi ELPHE has been developed to overcome shortcomings of the conventional shell & tube heat exchanger – high efficiency with miniaturization. It is capable of heating by 15KW per one electric aluminum plate with high thermo convective.


  • Compact design and safety control.


  • In addition to the control and protection on piping line, Safety system is functioned by backup of thermal couple directly inserted into the inside of electric plate.
  • As ELPHE is designed with fully enclosed structure, no leakage and explosion can be assured even in abnormal condition. On the contrary, invasion of the external explosive gas can be prevented by openings and surfaces(EX II B T4 Approved and ertified).
  • ELPHE is patented under MnSi.


  • Diesel engine fuel oil/Diesel engine, turbine and compressor lubricating oil/Miller, driller and lathe cutting oil/Chemical process/Sea water, raw water etc in Power and Marine Application.


Material SS400 or Equirevalriant ASTM
Connection DIN, ANSI, JIS, KS over all STD
Volume Flow Max. 15m³ / h
Weight / Dimension 75kg / 800 x 300 x 650

Electric Plate
Material AC4C or Equirevalriant ASTM
Heat Transfer Area 0.22 m²
Power Capacity 15kW / 480V
Heating Element Silicon Coated Magnesia
Application Lub. Oil, Fuel Oil, Water, Etc.,
Operating Temperature -10°C ~ 160°C
Working / Test Pressure 16 bar / 24 bar

Juction Box
Material SS400 or Equirevalriant ASTM
Paint RAL 7032
Cable Grand PG25 / 35

Model Max. Temp. / Press. Max. Operating Power Dimension Connections
ELPHE02 180°C / 16 bar 45kW(9 Block) 350(h) x 105(w)mm 25A
ELPHE08 180°C / 16 bar 225kW(15 Block) 640(h) x 187(w) mm 50A

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