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R&D Center

About the Institute

Create Customer value through innovative system Engineering

Ceaseless improvement of the existing products, and challenging task to new adjacent technologies is the very basic things for us to satisfy customers’ demands in advance.

Design / Analysis

Performance improvement and customer satisfaction through optimum design and computerized analysis

Modeling / Simulation

Maximization of performance through 3-D modeling and simulation prior to proto type production

Test & Evaluation

Securing quality and safety through performance and evaluation test under severe conditions

R&D Focus

Hydrogen System Engineering
Electricity produced from the Fuel cell is sent to the Grid and the gas is sent to the PSA by a primary compressor, which compresses the gas to high purity H2 of 900 bar from low pressure through the three-stage H2 compressor. These compressors are the key component of the hydrogen refueling station.
Water Treatment System for EGR
Cleaning of circulation water in EGR process, which is an attractive alternative for compliance with NOx reduction demands in Marine industry
Crude Oil System
Crude oil without oil refinery process can be used directly in the site of power plant/ship with MNSI Crude Oil System. Explosion proof module is an essential in this system.
Bio Diesel Treatment System
System composition of Feedstock composition, reaction parameters, purification processes and analysis of biodiesel properties for production of biodiesel intending to replace diesel.

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